New England Book Show Sponsor: Riffle Books

New England Book Show Sponsor: Riffle Books

Each year, Bookbuilders of Boston hosts the beloved New England Book Show. There’s so much that goes into this great event and we certainly couldn’t do it without the generous support of our sponsors. This week, we’d like you to get to know one them!

Riffle Books is a vibrant online book community. Riffle has been lovingly made in NYC by committed book nerds since 2013. Our mission is to inspire reading, and we believe the best way to discover great books is to connect great readers. Rifflers are librarians, bloggers, educators, publishers, authors, booksellers, and avid readers who come together to share stories and celebrate books.

Get inspired, read more!An interview with Kate Minckler, Community Manager

How can publishers and authors promote their books/eBooks through Riffle?

Riffle is focused on connecting readers with books, other avid readers and authors. Our primary purpose is to inspire people to read more books and to expand discussions on bookish topics. To that end, we provide both automated and curated recommendations. Algorithmic recommendations show up as “Other books you might like…” that appear on each book’s page. Curated recommendations come through reviews and reading lists posted by our editors and the community.

There are a couple of simple ways that publishers and authors can get involved.

1. Just find your book on Riffle and share a link to your book page with your fans on Facebook and Twitter. People who love your books can add their reviews and comments to the book, in essence promoting it organically to our community.

2. If you have an ebook and would like to run a price promotion, Riffle runs an ebook deals newsletter that reaches over 150,000 readers. It’s segmented by genre, so readers get deals on the types of books they like. Authors can apply to be in the newsletter here and, if selected, there is a small fee for inclusion.

What are the benefits of promoting through Riffle?

The Riffle community is made up of avid readers who buy an enormous amount of books. In addition, there are a large number of bloggers and librarians that use Riffle, people who influence vast networks of readers on what to read next.

How did Riffle Books come to be, and what makes your company different from other book/eBook curation companies?

Riffle is the culmination of 6 years of working to connect authors, readers and publishers using social media and email. Riffle started as a simple Facebook application and has now grown to a community of readers with a large following for our ebook deals newsletter. The deals we offer get authors a spike in downloads and the high probability of a review or downstream interaction in the Riffle community.

How do you categorize eBooks?

We use around 24 genres or categories including the following: Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance, Historical
Romance, Western Romance, Action & Adventure, Teen & Young Adult, Children’s & Middle Grade, Food & Cookbooks, Business, Mystery, New Adult, Memoir/Biography, Advice & How-To, Christian, Non-Fiction, History/Politics, LGBT, Erotica, Thriller and Paranormal.

What are some of your favorite categories of literature?

Readers love Mystery, Thriller and Romance categories the most. Riffle also has a proportionally high following for literary fiction, as compared to other promotional sites.

What tips do you have for eBook designers? How can they design eBooks for optimal promotion results?

Cover design can vary widely depending on genre, so we don’t have any fixed guidelines. We do suggest that you find a professional graphic designer to do the cover, even though there are many do-it-yourself tools available. There are many sites like 99designs or Behance that are great options.

How do independent bookstores get added to your site?

We suggest that readers Follow independent bookstores in their area. That’s the focus of our Connect Local feature. Bookstores sign up like regular Riffle users then just send us an email to have their account promoted to the bookstore status and to have their zip codes added.

Do you do any work directly with bookstores to help promote books?

We have some local features in the works that will allow local bookstores to advertise specials and events to the Riffle audience that lives near them.