Bookbuilders is fully committed to education. As noted on these pages, we give annual scholarships to several universities in the local area; we provide training for those entering or new to the publishing field free of charge; and we invite those members of the publishing world to share their knowledge and technical expertise with the book-publishing community. All of these things are accomplished with the cooperation and involvement of our members. We could not continue to do so without your help.

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Contributors (Updated May 6, 2019)

Bethune, Bob¹

Diercks, Lisa

Finneran, Jr., Tom¹

Henry, Bill¹

Jones, Tim¹

Kramer, John

Long, Bill¹

Pekich, Steve

Perlak, Marianne²

Rabinowitz, Marty¹

Van Sprang, Andrew¹

Walsh, John¹

Walsh, Mike¹

White, Meredith¹


1  Long Pool Losers

² In Memory of Tom Finneran, Jr.