Melissa Wuske (right) with Victoria Sutherland from ForeWord Reviews (left)

Bookbuilders @ the New England Publishing Conference

Tanya Gold and I presented a workshop on revision at the Independent Publishers of New England‘s (IPNE) annual New England Publishing Conference. Our session was mostly full of fiction writers, but we also had some editors and nonfiction writers. It’s always energizing to be in a room full of people committed to making their writing better. Tanya and I tag-teamed to present strategies for audience, story, pace, and more, so that the attendees could see their drafts from new angles and move ahead in a way that ensures their work is meeting their goals—and will ultimately be compelling for readers.

Overall, the conference had a broad array of experts, from marketing (for introverts, no less) to metadata, in order to meet the demands of independent publishing. While most attendees had a full load of their own projects and ideas, they were also excited to hear what’s working for others and collaborate as an independent publishing community.

Photo: Melissa Wuske (right) with Victoria Sutherland from ForeWord Reviews (left)

Melissa Wuske

About Melissa Wuske

Melissa Anne Wuske is a freelance editor who specializes in holistic edits of book-length nonfiction. She's on the committee for the New England Book Show. She likes reading, swimming, cooking, and helping people get to know Jesus.