Apply to our Mentorship Program Today!

Apply to our Mentorship Program Today!

“All in all, it is a very useful tool for me, and it helps concretize my objectives […] She was a delightful mentor to work with. She is very friendly, a super listener, and was great about helping me get organized about my goals.”

Linda Alila, Mentee (2017-2018)

Looking to talk to someone in-the-know about your next career steps?

Bookbuilders is accepting candidates for this year’s Mentorship Program. As a mentee in the program, you will be paired with a publishing industry professional so that you can meet one-on-one, share your own career experiences, and attend Bookbuilders events together.

If you are currently employed in New England publishing, you are eligible to be a mentee. Email us at with your resume and a short paragraph why you’re interested. If you are interested in being a mentor, we would also love to hear from you.

The mission behind the Bookbuilders Mentorship Program is to provide motivated junior-level publishing professionals with the opportunity to grow and further develop their careers with the help, support, and guidance of a senior, well-established professional in the New England publishing industry. This program hopes to foster an educational dynamic between mentee and mentor to help boost both personal and professional growth.


There are many benefits to joining the mentorship program, including:

  • The chance to form meaningful professional relationships with well-established members of the publishing industry
  • Gaining wisdom and career insights from a new perspective
  • Building long-lasting connections and growing your professional network
  • Having an ear to help guide your career decisions

Want to apply? Email us right now at!