About Us

Bookbuilders of Boston, a nonprofit organization founded in 1937, is dedicated to bringing together people involved in book publishing and manufacturing. Its membership represents all facets of the book industry: editing, design, production, manufacturing, and marketing. Through its various activities, Bookbuilders offers a forum to exchange information, learn new technologies, and promote improvements in the quality of books.


Bookbuilders is fully committed to education. As noted on these pages, we give annual scholarships to several universities in the local area; we provide training for those entering or new to the publishing field free of charge; and we invite those members of the publishing world to share their knowledge and technical expertise with the book-publishing community. All of these things are accomplished with the cooperation and involvement of our members. We could not continue to do so without your help. Our Education Fund continues to grow daily.

Our Large Business Members

Cengage Hachette HarvardUP HMH
JBLearn MITPress Pearson RRD