5 FAQs about the New Bookbuilders Mentorship Program

5 FAQs about the New Bookbuilders Mentorship Program

Are you interested in growing your publishing career? Are you interested in giving back to the industry and guiding professionals in the field? If so, then please consider the following:

Bookbuilders of Boston recently announced the launch of their first-ever mentorship program for the upcoming 2016–2017 program year.

Read on to learn some frequently asked questions about the program, and what it could mean for you.

1. What is the Mentorship Program?

The goal of the program is to help junior-level publishing professionals connect with senior-level publishing professionals of varying skill sets, knowledge bases, and even various spaces in publishing (production, design, editorial, etc.).

The program seeks to pair up mentors with mentees who want to further their own professional and career growth, as well as learn some tips, suggestions, and advice to guide their budding publishing careers.

2. How does the Program work?

The mentoring relationship is a commitment from both mentor and mentee for a 12-month period.

Mentees and mentors will be paired together and are encouraged to initially meet up for an introduction, and then work to establish a dialogue or another method of communication.

3. How often should I communicate with my Mentor/Mentee?

Whenever you want! However, we recommend communicating at least once per quarter. This may be via email, by phone or Skype conversation, or by meeting in person in a public place. Our events are perfect opportunities for these meetings.

4. What exactly is the mentor role?

As a mentor, your role is to encourage publishing career growth by sharing business or industry knowledge and experience; to inspire the mentee by example; and to provide him or her with effective feedback, relationship-building tips, and other techniques for success.

5. Who do I contact to join the program?

The Bookbuilders Mentorship Program is available only for Bookbuilders of Boston members who are employed in the publishing industry. At this time the mentorship program is not open to students or interns. Learn more about becoming a member of Bookbuilders here.

To learn more about the program, email mentors@bbboston.org.