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Benefits & Rates

Bookbuilders of Boston offers three categories of membership: company, individual, and student memberships.

Membership Value Grid

Company memberships ($150-$900+ annually)
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All employees of a member company are members of Bookbuilders. A company membership includes listing the number of people specified above in the directory. These people can also be on the mailing list. This membership also includes listing any number of company addresses.

  • Small Business Affiliate $150; Up to 5 employees listed in the membership directory.
  • Medium Business $350; Up to 50 employees listed in the membership directory.
  • Large Business $900 for one directory listing, +$350 for each additional division with a separate listing. Up to 200 employees listed in the membership directory

All company memberships includes free descriptive copy of up to 250 characters in the directory.

Individual Professional memberships ($50 annually)
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Individual memberships are also listed in the directory and on the mailing list. Descriptive copy of up to 250 characters can be added for $50 annually. Membership benefits are not transferable.

Student memberships ($8 annually)
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Student memberships are available at a reduced rate to enable interested students to receive our mailings and attend our functions at member rates. These memberships are not listed in the directory.

Bookbuilders of Boston member companies qualify for a substantial discount for a year's subscription to the HireSkills job board. HireSkills is a nationwide focused graphic arts job employment site for the publishing, printing, and packaging industries. Applicants may post resumes free. Click here for complete details.