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September 17, 2014 

PLEASE NOTE: Bookbuilders of Boston provides the information on this page as a service to employers. The information contained in each listing is the responsibility of the party posting it. Bookbuilders of Boston does not have the authority to provide any further information about the jobs listed here. Please do not contact Bookuilders of Boston with questions related to these job postings. The employers have provided as much (or as little) contact information as they wish to make known. Please refer to the individual listings for pertinent contact information.

Notice: Effective September 23, 2009, Individual members, Student members, and non-members must pay a $75 fee for each job posting.

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08/28/2014  Production Associate
09/03/2014  NEJM Web Production Specialist
09/04/2014  Intern - Collection Development #6123
09/08/2014  Proofreader
09/11/2014  Content and Production Assistant
09/11/2014  Freelance Desktop Publishing Compositor


08/27/2014  Project Manager
08/27/2014  Technical Product Manager
08/27/2014  Business Analyst
08/27/2014  Automation Architect
08/27/2014  Client Service Representative
09/04/2014  Product Management Intern #6144
09/05/2014  Customer Support Representative

Bookbuilders of Boston Volunteer



08/19/2014  Editorial Intern
08/20/2014  Editorial Assistant - Spanish
08/25/2014  Project Coordinator
08/29/2014  Content Editor #6143
09/09/2014  Freelance English Writers (ELD project)
09/10/2014  Culinary and Hospitality Educational Writers
09/11/2014  Content Editor
09/11/2014  Editorial Assistant
09/15/2014  Freelance Science Journal Copy Editor

Design and Desktop Publishing

08/29/2014  Marketing Art Director
09/15/2014  Promotions Designer

Marketing and Sales

09/04/2014  Marketing Assistant North America
09/11/2014  Recruiting Coordinator
09/12/2014  Sales Assistant
09/15/2014  Sales and Marketing Specialist


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